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How to mount a hidden mailbox from Exchange 2010 in Outlook


  • Microsoft Exchange 2010
  • Active Directory
  • Windows 7 / Outlook 2010


If you want to create an Outlook-Profile which points to a Mailbox which is actually hidden in the adressbook you wil get an error from Windows/Outlook.


Solution I

  • Unchek the hidden-option from Exchange-Mailbox-Properties for a moment.
    • Please note: Sometimes the adressbook generation only runs every 24 hours or something else
  • After creating a Outlook-Profile for the mailbox you can hide the Mailbox in Exchange again. It will also work afterwards

Solution II

  • Instead of the Mailadress or UPN (UserPrincipalName) you can use the legacyExchangeDN which Outlook will accept to create a Profile from a hidden mailbox.

You can find the legacyExchangeDN in the ActiveDirectory-Object from the hidden mailboxuser. Please enable the advanced features view, open the user properties, change to Attribute Editor –> copy the principalname from legacyExchangeDN to the clipboard and paste it into the user-field in the profile-creation-wizard from Outlook/Windows. You will see, the wizard will accept the user although the mailbox is hidden from adress list.

After finishing the wizard you can open Outlook with the hidden mailbox-user. Thats all!